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Our Journey

Explore our journey of milestones and achievements over the years as we strive to make a positive impact on the environment and promote well-being worldwide.


In 2023, Newverse achieved several significant milestones and expanded its global presence. We commenced the year by hosting a marketing summit in Istanbul, facilitating collaboration among industry professionals. Our participation in the Crypto Dubai Expo further solidified our position in the cryptocurrency realm, while a guided tour of our projects in Nakuru, Africa, provided a firsthand look at our impactful initiatives. Notably, we triumphed at the Crypto Singapore Expo, receiving the prestigious accolade for the Safest NFT Platform of the Year. Additionally, we proudly introduced our latest product, the Smart Health Ring, and launched a collaborative brand named BioRingo, along with a dedicated mobile app. To empower our marketers, we unveiled special income-generating extensions for our affiliate marketing programs, fostering growth and prosperity for all involved. These achievements underscore our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the global impact of NewVerse.


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In 2022, NewVerse made significant strides by engaging with artists to better understand their needs and forging collaborations with top talents, with ongoing efforts to recruit more. We also expanded our reach by partnering with skilled marketing professionals and adding to our roster of sellers. This year marked the start of our trial period and the unveiling of NewVerse software, accompanied by innovative NFT auctions for marketing purposes and the introduction of our initial collection of environmental protection NFTs. These developments underscore our commitment to driving positive change and sustainability through creative and dynamic initiatives.


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In 2021, NewVerse embarked on a pivotal journey towards growth and resilience. Our primary focus during this year was the expansion of our development team, a process that required significant time and dedication. Despite facing the challenges posed by the global pandemic, COVID-19, which led to extended administrative procedures and disruptions in our activities like many other organizations, we persevered. While some of our plans were indeed challenged, and progress experienced temporary setbacks, Newverse thrived through the adversity, emerging even stronger and more determined to achieve our mission.


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In late 2020, the seed of Newverse was planted in the mind of our visionary leader, Carl K. The initial idea was proposed by Carl, and from there, we embarked on a journey of research and consultation with experienced individuals to shape this vision into reality. This process of exploration and development is an ongoing endeavor, representing the foundation upon which NewVerse was built.


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