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What is our proposed solution to solve this issue?

We think that to solve the issue, it is better to look at the issue from a commercial perspective and tie the solution to the economic interests of people in such a way that their interests are aligned with the environmental goals.It is obvious that common individual interests between people give rise to collective actions.

Just as if there is a common enemy for some people, it increases the probability of cooperation between those people so that they can defend themselves, in the same way, if several people in a society have individual interests in common with each other and to achieve the goal, there is a need for teamwork so those people can become a group to gain benefits.

In fact, usually, the general public can be brought together and aligned by creating common financial interests.

Mud Race

How can we help your project?

In general, we will collect the necessary funds and help you by producing works of art related to your project and selling them for you.This work is done in a very specialized and professional manner, which is explained below.

NewVerse solution


After choosing your project

After reviewing your project and fully analyzing it, our expert team will suggest a suitable strategic plan to collect the cost of your project. Our experts will consider the best possible strategy for your project.



The next step is to set up a cooperation agreement between NewVerse and your project. Depending on your project and the capital collected for you by NewVerse, and the plan proposed by our experts, this contract may be just a contract to help you or it may be a contract of partnership and investment in your project.

NewVerse agreement
NewVerse art


Creating meaningful arts

Then, according to the determined strategy, our team of professional artists in NewVerse will design a collection of artworks for the subject of your project. These works may depend on your project and our experts' team's determination of a type of art branch such as painting, music, digital painting, digital sculptures, motion graphics, or another type of art branch.


Smart contract and Mint

Our programmers write a smart contract suitable for your project and use it to mint the produced works of art on the blockchain network suitable for your project and turn them into NFT collections. Your project's NFT portfolio will be available on our marketplace and some other reputable marketplaces.

Information Technology
NewVerse Business Team


Specialized sales

We sell the art collection related to your project through our large team of professional marketers who are more than several thousand people and are spread over 23 countries and also have strong connections with art clients.

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Some detail

Transfer funds for you

According to the contract we will have with you, a certain percentage of the sale of these works will be directly deposited into your account.

NewVerse environmental projects

What projects do we help?

Environmental and wildlife-friendly projects
Startups aligned with environmental goals and combating global warming
Effective projects in the field of health, anti-aging, anti-cancer, and generally related to global health
Scientific and research projects to collaborate with scientists
NGOs that support children and the disadvantaged
Animal protection NGOs
and any subject that contributes significantly to the health of the earth and its inhabitants.

We are sure that any project that has passed through the filter of our experts, artists, and marketers will be successful and the full cost or even multiples of your initial start-up fee will be collected. We are very hopeful that by using the best technology and ideas, we will help the environment and support projects and start-ups related to the environment. To correspond with our public relations team and request cooperation, fill out the form on this page or contact us via email so that our experts can start the process of negotiating and analyzing your project.

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