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RoadMap to Our Success and Progress

In this section, you will find out how we started, where we are now, and what our plans will be.

Future plans are subject to updates and changes. The dates provided for our upcoming programs on this page are our projections for their implementation usefulness on those dates and do not indicate the exact timing. However, they are undoubtedly part of our future plans. We offer this information to our customers to provide insight into our vision and the path we are taking.

Our primary objective is to ensure our users derive maximum benefit from our business programs. Therefore, if we determine that any plan may not meet their needs sufficiently, we will update it accordingly on the anticipated date. Additionally, these published plans are not exhaustive; we have more future plans in store. However, due to market dynamics and our competitiveness, we are unable to disclose a significant portion of our plans in advance

Bus Lane

RoadMap 1/1

The initial idea was proposed by Carl K

NewVerse RoadMap 1



We didn't get tired, we re-examined plans, did more research, brainstormed a lot, met new people, updated ourselves, matured designs, found new methods and refined the process.

RoadMap 2/1

NewVerse RoadMap 2


Zebra Crossing

RoadMap 3/1

We are creating exclusive NewVerse NFT marketplace and providing its official version to company users.


The development of this section has commenced, and we are already witnessing some side accomplishments, such as the implementation of the inquiry page.

NewVerse RoadMap 3
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