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Our Projects

If you intend to use the key to access NewVerse through NFTs or enjoy its privileges, please ensure that you inquire about the desired items before making a purchase. This will provide you with information about the impact and benefits of each NFT within NewVerse.

Please note that you will be solely responsible for purchasing items that have different attributes than your specific requirements, and it will not hold us accountable.

Savior Rhino Banner

Savior Rhinos NFT Collection is our first project

Savior Rhinos are a collection of 1,982 unique NFTs that live on the Polygon blockchain. By presenting this collection, we are taking a significant step to save the environment. As the first step, we directed our assistance to the Nakuru National Park in East Africa, and we plan to continue to address other ecosystems that need restoration and assistance. With this work, we have saved many animal and plant species in danger of extinction and we will continue on this path. By purchasing each NFT, in addition to participating in this helpings, you also get a key to enter NewVerse and enjoy its features.
You can get more information about the collection and related projects from the Savior Rhinos website.

Explore the collection today in Opensea and discover the unparalleled potential of NFTs.
 Lake Nakuru National  Park (LNNP)
NewVerse Certificate
Baboon project

This NFT collection comprises a unique set of digital assets that are stored on the blockchain. Each NFT in the collection possesses a distinctive identity, making it a one-of-a-kind piece. By owning one of these NFTs, you gain access to a digital asset that has been verified on the blockchain, making it impossible to replicate or duplicate. The collection has been carefully curated and designed by a team of experienced artists, ensuring that each NFT is a masterpiece in its own right. Acquiring one of these NFTs not only grants you ownership of a valuable digital asset, but also provides a gateway to a new world of creative possibilities. 

Explore the collection today in Opensea and discover the unparalleled potential of NFTs.
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