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What is the main

The biggest problem of our time is global warming and the destruction of the environment and natural resources of the earth, which originates from the inability to align different communities to understand the critical conditions of the planet and cooperate in preserving it.


Despite all the efforts that have been made so far to restore life and align the public with participating in preserving our ecosystem, there is still little public support for this issue and this is very worrying.


Today, the governments of many countries have come to this understanding and are making significant efforts in this direction, but it seems this is not enough. Because the approach of the people is more important than the approach of the governments. The main consumers of technology, goods, and services are people, and what directs production is people's demand, and people's demand is also determined by their culture and needs.


People's needs and cultural format in dealing with the environment is the main cause of environmental crises.


Until today, many efforts have been made by governmental and non-profit institutions to create a culture among people to learn how to deal with the environment correctly, but with all these efforts, only a small percentage of the world's people are aligned with the goals of environmental protection. It seems that the main problem is encouraging the cooperation of the majority of people in society. This concern is still not understood by most people in society. The majority can contribute the most to saving the earth and play the most important role. Their decisions in dealing with the planet's resources and their dealings with the environment seem to be the main challenge. The key to solving the issue is the cooperation of more than 70% of the people.


Imagine a day when most people prefer electric cars, don't wear clothes made from animal skins, reduce the use of paper, wood, and plastic, don't leave their waste in the environment, and most people don't buy products that cause serious damage to the environment.


Today this is just a big dream, but it seems that there are solutions to reach these goals faster that can be implemented easily.


Today, these public challenges have become a personal concern for only a few people who are aware of the environment. Something must be done to make this public concern a personal concern for each individual. There is definitely a way to promote such a culture faster and easier among people.


The issue of aligning the general public is not a one-dimensional issue. This issue has significant complications that must be examined from all angles to reach a suitable solution. The problem is related to the human psychological field and the evolutionary process of our mind, which is the most important pillar of survival and individual interests.


The issue should be solved for people from several angles so this public concern becomes a personal concern for them.


Significant angles such as psychological, sociological and economic issues should be prioritized to understand how a public challenge that threatens all the interests of a group can be turned into an individual concern for all members of that group, to be able to use all the potential in the society to solve that challenge.


From another point of view, it should be said that helping the environment and protecting the earth may be a real concern for researchers, scientists, environmental activists, some governments, some institutions, and some celebrities.


It's not like the general public doesn't know what environmental protection is or how serious it is these days. Information and culture-building methods through today's media have played an important and effective role in this regard and have made almost everyone aware of this crisis. But the point is that these methods only explain the situation and reveal the crisis to the public. Their impact is often limited to this extent and less leads to real performance in society.


Normally the general public knows this crisis is very big and serious, but in the minds of the majority of people, it is considered that there is a person or a group or an organization that is stronger, more specialized and more efficient than me to take care of the environmental problems, so it is better that I take care of my problems.


On the other hand, many incentive plans by the governments to preserve natural resources have been implemented in many countries, which have been praiseworthy and effective, but what is clear is that the resources of the governments and their budgets are not enough to fully solve this crisis and this limitation makes the effects not reach the desired level.

We at New Verse have come up with a suitable solution based on this idea and have provided a suitable platform for this purpose. Read our help and how to solve the problem on the solution page.

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