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About Us


Our Story

Mission and Vision

Newverse was established in the mid of 2022 as a limited liability company registered in the state of Delaware  by the name of Newverse LLC (RegFN: 6863798) with the purpose of public promotion to cooperate in preserving the environment and helping all the inhabitants of the earth.
Both the name NewVerse as well our logo are Trade Marked and they cannot be used in any way without our consent.

The initial idea for NewVerse came about during a friendly conversation among our friends who are environmental activists, and our friends introduced us to scientists in different fields who gave us a new perspective. We were already engaged in activities in the fields of art and business in North America, and after getting acquainted with new scientific perspectives as well as environmental problems, we became active lovers of the environment.Today, we see that NewVerse is a combination of art, business, technology and a scientific approach to issues, the result of the company of a group of thoughtful people and years of searching for new ways to help our planet.

We are providing a money-making platform for people through modern technologies to generate their own income, so that with every effort they make ,they automatically take a significant step in helping the environment. 
Our vision is to create a space by using modern technologies such as Web3, NFT and Metaverse, where the young generation, who are the main occupants in this environment, will have the necessary training to support and see it getting better.

Meet The Team

NewVerse CEO

Carl K

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Founder & CEO

NewVerse Co-Founder

Mike Clark


    NewVerse Co-Founder

    Elsa Allen


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